SpeedyPaper.com Review

SpeedyPaper.com has recently become a very popular essay writing service. Let’s see what it is like.


The very name of the site “SpeedyPaper” indicates that the site specializes in the rapid order fulfillment. In addition, the slogan “The safest & fastest academic pain-relieving service”, which is written on the main page, claims that this is the fastest service on the market. Is it, really? Not at all. The minimum deadline for SpeedyPaper is 6 hours. Of course, this is very fast, but there are sites that can fulfill the order 2 times faster.


The prices are really low. The minimum price is $ 11. If you choose academic level – undergraduate, the type of work -an essay, for five pages with a deadline of 24 hours, it will cost $ 115.


For each user there is a 10% discount. You can get it by clicking the link – https://speedypapers.net/discount-code


In addition to essay writing, SpeedyPaper provides several more services:

  • Paraphrasing and Rewriting
  • Assignment Writing Service
  • Resume Writing Service
  • Editing/Proofreading
  • Essay Writing Service
  • Grading and Marking
  • Dissertation Writing Service
  • Problem Solving


SpeedyPaper is represented in many social networks. There are no complaints about it. Everything is made with high quality and at a high level. You can see it for yourself.

Reddit Review

There are many reviews on Reddit, both positive and negative. Some say that this is the best service they have ever met, while others say that the quality of work is very low. Still there is an opinion that speedypaper conducts an aggressive marketing policy, buying positive feedback and thereby misleading its customers.

EssayScam Review

At the EssayScam forum, all users unanimously say that speedypaper are Ukrainian scammers.

Aggressive marketing policy

Although this point does not affect the quality of the work, but still it should be mentioned. This is an aggressive marketing policy. SpeedyPaper is everywhere. You enter some blog, and you are redirected to SpeedyPaper. This is constantly happening. This method in Seo quarters is called a “doorway”, the main task of which is to fool the user with information content and to redirect this person to where he or she obviously did not want to get.


  • Low prices
  • High quality of work
  • Availability of discount
  • Well-developed social networks


  • The presence of bad reviews. They do not appear without any reason
  • Aggressive marketing policy.


SpeedyPaper.com is a good service, with its pros and cons. If you want to get your work done cheap and fast – then this site is for just you.

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