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PaperHelp has been on the market for a long been. It has been already written many reviews of it, which are both positive and negative. We, in turn, will try to write the most objective review.



The site is simple and straightforward. There is a calculator at the top of the main page. You can make an order using it. Just below the calculator, there is the widget, where video reviews are posted.


The prices are low. It is only 12 $ for one page. For example, if I want to order an essay for 5 pages with a deadline of 3 days and, at the same time, indicating the college academic level, then it will cost 110 $.

paperhelp prices



There are many discounts. They are easy to find. Just write «paperhelp discount code» in Google search. These are the examples of some links:




Quality of work is at a high level. Nevertheless, if you have a complaint, you can ask them to remake the order. It’s for free.



Facebook. 354 subscribers. The main content is funny pictures about students and useful articles.

Twitter. 327 followers. The content is simply duplicated from Facebook. Nothing new.

Youtube. A lot of feedback from students.



Funny fact. Before publishing a link leading to PaperHelp, Reddit warns the administrator of the subreddit that it can be spam. This suggests that in the past, PaperHelp probably did spam.

PaperHelp reddit review


At the forum, everyone unanimously agrees that PaperHelp is scammers from Ukraine. However, in their understanding, the fraud is not that the service deceives the customers, but that PaperHelp produces a huge mass of sites, the purpose of which is to redirect users to that service.

 paperhelp essayscam review


  • low price
  • acceptable quality of work
  • there are discounts


  • many bad reviews.



PaperHelp is an essay writing service, which has long been on the market. There are both positive and negative reviews. Nevertheless, we are still sure that PaperHelp does not refer to fraudulent sites. Therefore, we recommend it.

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