Review is a popular essay writing service among students


The site has a nice and clear design. The main page of the site shows a young man asleep at the table and the “No more sleepless nights ….” lettering. Well, it sounds promising. Let’s find out what kind of service it is.


The first thing we’ll start with is the prices, which are not bad. The minimum price is $ 12.


You need to register first if you are going to place an order. You can register using social networks.

After registration, you get to the personal web office for making an order. There are many criteria for selection. For example, we will order an essay (Book review), four pages (1100 words).

A distinctive feature of this service is that there is no specific price for the page. Here is the bidding system. That means that there is a competitive struggle of writers for your order.

Immediately after sending the order, applications from writers began to appear. One proposes to write for $ 46, the second for $ 56. Under the avatar of each author, it is indicated how many works he or she has already done during the entire stay on the site. This is kind of a freelance platform.


Quality of work here is one of the best in the market. Few of the students will be able to write their task at such a high level.


In addition, there is a very good blog on Essaypro. Articles are posted regularly, having their own unique design.


EssayPro is represented in many social networks:

  • Facebook. EssayPro has 140,000 subscribers. Incredible number. The main subjects of the posts are humorous and educational. Posts lead to their own blog.
  • Twitter. EssayPro has 2620 followers. The main subjects of the posts are articles leading to their own blog. Tweets are published regularly and with celerity, on average once a week.
  • Youtube. EssayPro has its own YouTube channel. On all the videos of this channel, some guy, named Vlad, tells how to write an expositional essay, how to write an analytical essay and so on. The number of subscribers for some reason is hidden. However, in the description of the channel, the number of views is 245 000.


And now, let’s analyze what is said about EssayPro on Reddit.

As you can see from the comments, many redditors are fond of this service. Most reviews are positive.


On there is a negative review on EssayPro. It says that the names and photographs of the writers are not real. This is easily verified by using Google images’ search. This is very worrying. After all, if names and avatars are not real, then the level of experience of a writer can also be unreal.


  • According to some information, EssayPro service is located on the territory of Russia
  • The service arranged scholarships and competitions with cash prizes among students.


  • Bidding pricing system
  • Low prices
  • Nice blog
  • High quality of works
  • Positive feedback


  • No discounts
  • Bad review on EssayScam.


EsasayPro is a good service, which you can use.

2021 | Best Essay Writing Services on Reddit